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  Stewart + Reindersma Architecture, pllc
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our vision...
"To be the Architect of choice for Business Leaders World Wide". This vision is far reaching in region as is in thought. It speaks of our reputation and gives interest to what others think of us. This is important as we wish to be "top of mind" by our future and existing clients. To achieve this vision, we provide service as a strategic business advantage and bring value to every project. This distinct advantage allows us to perform better than anyone else. Our objective is to gain respect and admiration from our clients; and thus to continue to be considered as the firm of choice for future projects.
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our philosophy and culture...
In order to meet the challenges your project may present, a Client needs a strong partner capable of providing support, expertise and guidance for the program. Our philosophy is simple: to provide you with the most appropriate service you need. We accomplish this by establishing a process of communication that maximizes efficiencies that can be used as a template. Our culture is "team" – with a team process that includes the Client, putting the client at the center, and developing a matrix of communication that reaches out to each member. This open communication culture becomes the basis in meeting goals and objectives; and is the key to every project's success.
our mission statement...
"Client Satisfaction Every Time". This mission sets us apart from other firms, as we provide quality and customer service at the highest level of performance one every project. We listen to client's wants and needs and then deliver them on time and on budget – while providing this value at a competitive fee, along with a "Can-Do" attitude. We strive to exceed and deliver our service above and beyond our client's expectation.
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our approach...
The key to our approach is blending creative talent with technical expertise to develop solutions that meet yours and the project's goals and objectives. Our experience and insight creates responsive solutions that ensure your project is successfully carried out. We approach every project with a partnering mentality with you and Sake Reindersma Architecture, pllc along with our consultants in order to provide the highest level of professional service.

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  Stewart + Reindersma Architecture, pllc

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