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“As a structural engineer for both commercial and custom residential projects, I have been working with Sake Reindersma and the SRA360 team for over 14 years. When it comes to architectural design expertise, I can say without hesitation that SRA360 is one of the best architects that I have ever worked with. They truly care about their clients’ needs, and seek to create lasting relationships and positive results with each new project.”

Tres J. Warner, SE, MBA, LEED AP
Design Division Manager
Starling Madison Lofquist, Inc.

“I needed a home run and Sake Reindersma Architecture, PLLC delivered. I can’t say enough about Sake’s creativity, knowledge of codes and persuasive nature with city planning departments. Here is my story.

I owned a valuable piece of street frontage in the northwest Phoenix valley. I wanted to put an unusual restaurant on the parcel that would not be like anything around. My curiosity, along with many others, had been stimulated with the idea of re-using shipping containers for the outdoor dining, drive thru, gourmet Mexican restaurant. I had (2) renowned chefs excited and working on the recipes, the right location, a vision in my minds eye but I needed somebody to put it together so that the city would buy it. Everybody said; “the building department would not go for it...too different.” I wanted to give it a good try...and I wanted a “good Scottsdale architect” to work with. I asked for a qualified resource and Sake’s name was given to me.

When Sake and I sat down to brainstorm combining the stacked shipping container look with stucco and a handsome roof line the ideas started flying. I have never had such a good time exploring different ideas. Sake was a fast thinker and I was having fun keeping up with him. The contractor kept asking if the city will go for it. Sake’s response was; “we have to give it a try. We have to make it look good.” And, he did just that! To this day I am blown away with the uniqueness and symmetry of our Mexican restaurant.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say; I am very happy with what Sake created. Take a look at it for yourself. It is attractive, stands out in a Mall, trendy and is full of life. I can’t wait to build 50 of them.”

Clint Berkey
Brushfire Tacos y Tapas



“I began working with SRA Architecture, a few years ago, when I moved to Phoenix. We have done about a half a dozen projects together, and I could not be happier, with their attitude, professionalism, and their pricing. I would highly recommend them for any size project.”

Ray Shepherd

“Since starting in business seven years ago as a Construction Management company representing Restaurant Owners, we tried a number of Architectural firms throughout the Valley. We had a very difficult time trying to find an Architect that provided the balance of quality work and competitive pricing that our clients wanted. We have been working with SRA for the past two years and all of our customers are pleased with the change.

The two main reasons why I like Sake Reindersma Architecture are: First, that they know the whole project—most Architects seem to view the drawings from their MEP Consultants as a “black box” and never open them up. SRA regularly reviews the electrical and mechanical drawings to make sure they coordinate with the plan set. Second, willingness to go the extra mile—it has become frustrating that most everyone in the A/E industry has their hand out asking for money, holding the customer hostage for a change order, before they do the extra work. SRA cares about the project and timeline first and makes the changes needed right away to benefit the customer and stay on schedule.

If you’re looking for an Architectural Firm that will be a partner with you throughout your expansion program, I heartily recommend Sake Reindersma Architecture.”

Bill Cantieri
Restaurant Construction Consultants

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